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As always, there’s plenty going on in the exciting world of books, schools and libraries. I’m looking forward to dropping in on a number of schools this term and returning to some familiar wow school libraries. Having visited hundreds of schools, I never cease to be amazed at young people’s fantastic ideas, imaginations and real enjoyment of books - to say nothing of all the great librarians & teachers up and down the land. See you soon!

2019 brings brand new Townsend titles; from more TRULY FOUL & CHEESY FACTS & JOKES to LIFE-SIZED ANIMAL POO (no, not a ’scratch & sniff’ book but useful if you want to get to the bottom of tracking!). If silly verse or scary fiction of rascals and rapscallions are more your thing, keep an eye open for these titles now on the shelves - if you dare...

pirate  pickling  GG


How about a couple of YouTube clips of recent titles to whet your appetite? Just click on the covers for a quick taster...

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Having written about snakes, spiders and scary beasts, I’m always interested to hear stories about people’s encounters with unusual animals. I’m amazed at how many children keep snakes, as well as how many of them escape (the snakes, not the children). In some schools I tell the true story of the boy who woke up with a python around his neck. A willing helper acts out the story until the point of strangulation....

                            snak   POR


Just in case you’re on the look-out for new TEEN READS or WOW Nonfiction Facts, take a look at my latest titles with BADGER LEARNING ... if you dare!  


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Non-fiction books can be a great way to get into reading and there are many of us writing Children’s Non-fiction. Check us out at NIBWEB by clicking on the nib! nib

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In the ERA Awards (drum roll, dramatic music, spot lights) DOCKSIDE won the Best Special Education Resource.  ***AS SEEN ON TV! ***  Used in ’Last Chance Academy’ on BBC’s Panorma. Now we’ve published DOCKSIDE EXTRAS with many new stories & great illustrations.

DOCKSIDE reading scheme  ds 2012 Award Winner         

Take a look at these links:      Many of my books are available here from Amazon 

   Reading Zone           

                                               and the relectant hero, BARNEY...

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When Barney Jones flies to Scotland to see his dad, he’s in for a shock that triggers a dramatic chain of events. He’s soon set on a collision course where nothing short of a miracle can save him from the scariest of CRASH DIVES.

"A no-holds-barred, pull-out-all-the-stops, breathless tangle of a teenage thriller. Townsend manages to hurl his readers along a path of humour, suspense and thrills with more twists and turns than a flippin scary roller coaster - I’m shattered!"            Toby Burchell, aged 14

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‘John Townsend is skilled at maintaining the tension in Crash Dive (Acorn, £6.99), a pacy, upbeat adventure story… This engaging book would be a good one to give a misunderstood teenage reader.’     The Independent on Sunday

See The National Literacy Association’s  review by clicking here!

CRASH DIVE is another of my quizzed books with Accelerated Reader from Renaissance Learning. Click on the logo to read more or watch an extract...

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Now over 140 of my titles are on ACCELERATED READER ...

Including something completely different...  

A detective story with a difference from Ransom Publishing. Eliot is 12 and has a secret but can you solve his puzzle?  NEVER ODD OR EVEN will test your powers of deduction!

"This book is awesome - brilliant. I was hanging on to every word. I recommend this book to anyone - anyone you could possibly imagine."     Laurie, aged 13

N  Now try a quick gallop through history...

 army  AF  ww2  Tu

 r  v    navySO

A story with hidden clues from to mark the centenary of World War 1 ...

                                  tsm        sd    

              Nail-biting adventures... OPERATION CODE-CRACKER 

 OCC  soap

Thanks to Tyler from Norwich for his review here Wink

The long-awaited GEOGRAPHY QUEST adventure series...

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And finally...

Ransom Publishing’s brand new reading programme is launched! Look out for


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More books coming soon!

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